About Cook Learn Live

Meet Jenna

Maintaining a healthy weight and the pain of chronic back problems challenged me for years until I discovered new, healthier ways to cook and changed my relationship with food. My personal journey inspired me to help others find the same joy I had in cooking and eating delicious, healthy meals and cultivating a positive approach to good nutrition.

As a wife, mom, caregiver, entrepreneur, and community volunteer, I understand that time is at a premium.  When life is hectic we stick with what we know—what is comfortable and easy—and that old habits die hard.  I have learned how to change my own habits realistically in ways that make sense for me and my family, and I can help you to do the same.

I’m a registered dietitian and culinary nutritionist, which means I have expertise in both the science of nutrition and the creative art of healthy cooking. I believe that food should taste good and be good for you, and that with a little bit of knowledge and some kitchen skills anyone can make delicious, nutritious meals and healthier food choices.

I tap into both my fifteen years in corporate HR training and development and my experiences as a community educator to build programs that will capture participants attention, present practical science-based information, and inspire healthy change.

Why work with Cook Learn Live

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Practical, actionable guidance backed by science

We will help you to: better understand the science behind what you eat, make positive food choices, and prepare healthy, delicious meals that are right for your personal health and lifestyle needs while helping you find the joy in the process. We are what we eat, so lets enjoy every bite!

All our programs are developed with you in mind

We develop custom programs designed for you, your family, or your organization based upon your needs. No one size fits all solutions here – just individualized coaching and support both in and out of the kitchen, tailored to your lifestyle and health history, to help you achieve your goals.

Cook learn live in the kitchen

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It works

Whether you sign-up for family or individual counseling, custom cooking instruction or plan a group event at Cook Learn Live you will gain tools that you need to make your changes lasting ones.