Well Seasoned Cooking

Well Seasoned Cooking

While we can have almost any fruit or vegetable at any time of year, eating seasonally allows us to savor foods at their peak of ripeness and to enjoy them at their best.  In this series we will focus on produce that is currently in season and available in our local markets – either locally grown or imported.  We will explore fruits and vegetables both familiar and new and learn to prepare them in a variety of seasonally based dishes.  We will learn about the origins and varieties of each product, how to store and prepare them properly, and even how to preserve them to extend our enjoyment beyond the peak season.

Holiday-themed classes will incorporate the foods of the season into celebratory menus, as well as help to refresh and revitalize them.

Students will learn culinary techniques appropriate to their individual skill levels. Each class runs 2 hours  and includes preparation (and eating!) of 3-4 dishes, a full set of class recipes and related resource materials.

See class descriptions for additional materials fees.

Valentine’s Day Heart Healthy Sweets

Join us for a sweet afternoon and learn to make a variety of delicious sweet treats that feature heart healthy ingredients including olive oil,almonds, walnuts, oats, flax seeds, fresh fruits, tofu – and lots of dark chocolate! 2 hour class, $75 per person includes afternoon tea (or coffee) with our sampling of sweets.

Passover: Perk It Up + Planning

Get a head start on thinking about your Passover seder.  Join us to get some great ideas for new dishes to add to the rotation.  We’ll talk about ideas for accommodating guests with special diets and share hints for planning your meal so that everything is hot and ready when its time to eat.

Check back soon for more spring seasonal cooking classes!!

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