Specialty Classes

Specialty Classes

Looking to learn how to cook from the very beginning, or to hone your skills in a new area?  Check out some of the topics below.  Most classes will be offered on a continuous basis but may vary slightly with the seasons.

NEW! Six Super Sauces to Delicious Dressings and Dips:  Looking for quick, easy ways to spice up everyday meals?  Ready to graduate from store-bought salad dressings and dips to homemade?  Learn how to make six, simple and healthy sauces that can be used on vegetables, chicken, meats or pasta–and then turned into a number of salad dressings and dips as well.  We’ll work with easy to find ingredients to make recipes such as basil and mint pesto, lemon tahini, and honey miso sauces and then try them in new and surprising ways.

Thai Cooking from the Golden Triangle:  Explore the ingredients that create the intricate, pungent flavors of Thai cooking (including where to find them in our area) and learn how to make some of your favorite restaurant dishes at home.  Menus may include tom ka gai (coconut chicken soup), som tam malakor (green papaya salad), pad Thai, spring rolls, and various curries.   

Healthy Vegetarian Meals:  Many people are interested in trying a vegeterian diet for reasons ranging from environmental concerns to animal welfare to personal health.  In this class we will talk about the requirements of a healthy vegetarian diet that meets basic nutritional needs while preparing a variety of creative and easy to prepare dishes using seasonal vegetables, whole grains, beans, tofu, eggs, and dairy.  Please let us know if you require a vegan menu, include fish in your diet, or have any other specific dietary needs.  Menu will be seasonally driven and tailored to the needs of participants.

Sushi:  Learn to be the itame (sushi chef) in your own sushiya (sushi bar) as you create custom maki (sushi rolls) with a variety of fillings including the freshest fish, vegetables, and Japanese specialty products like pickled daikon (radish) and kanpyo (squash).  Students will learn about the origins of sushi and will prepare a variety of rolls, pressed, and nigiri sushi to enjoy together and take home to share.  Fillings can be adjusted according to student preferences and dietary requirements.  Materials fees will apply

Fresh Pasta Workshop:  Learn about the history and science of pasta.  Students will prepare fresh, homemade fettuccine and ravioli, along with simple flavorful sauces.  We’ll make our own pasta dough, a fresh tomato sauce, sweet potato ravioli with crispy sage, and herb and ricotta stuffed agnolotti (rustic ravioli) with a light lemon herb butter sauce.  

Flavorful Fish Favorites:  We’ve heard its good for us and we should eat more of it, but many people are afraid to cook fish.  We’re also hearing a lot of mixed information about appropriate sources of fish, overfishing, and potential health risks.  In this class we will learn some basic techniques for poaching and pan cooking flaky white fish filets, roasting and grilling heartier fish steaks, and cooking whole fish.  We will also discuss some of the current guidelines on buying fish, including the Monterrey Bay Aquarium guide. Materials fees will apply

Lean Meats with Lots of Flavor:  Tired of the same grilled chicken breast every night?  Learn how to transform lean cuts of chicken and beef into varied, flavorful dishes by using marinades and dry rubs to add flavor and tenderness.  We’ll talk about a variety of flavor profiles (Asian, Mediterranean, Southwestern, and Indian) and learn how to translate these flavors into the foundations of multiple dishes.  Materials fees will apply

Whole Chicken Primer:  Roasting whole chicken is a culinary staple and knowing how to do it well is one of the signs of a good cook.  In this class we will learn the basics of preparing a whole roast chicken, from selection of the bird to cleaning, seasoning, testing for doneness, and carving.  We’ll also discuss ideas for “planned overs” – using the chicken for more than one meal and will make one or two dishes such as Stewed Chicken Tacos, Chicken Quesadillas, Fruited Chicken Salad,or Cobbler-Style Pot Pie.  Materials fees will apply

Cooking with Ancient Grains:  Once considered ‘peasant food’, whole grains have come back into vogue as chefs have realized their versatility and great taste and consumers learn about their health benefits.  In this class we will learn about selecting, storing and cooking a variety of whole grains, including wheat berries, barley, millet, quinoa, kamut, corn, amaranth, teff, buckwheat, and rice.  Recipes may include a Barley Risotto with Seasonal Vegetables, Multi Grain Salad with Seasonal Fruits, Mediterranean Millet Stuffed Cabbage, and Whole Grain Breakfast Porridge.

 Cooking from the Market:   We are very lucky to have a number of great farmers’ markets in the area; and even luckier that our local farmers have expanded their growing season to support year-round markets.  Many of us want to support local producers but find shopping at farmers’ markets to be frustrating or intimidating.  Let me help you to make market shopping more accessible.  We will meet at the farmers’ market to review what is available, discuss how to select produce, and learn about resources for planning meals based around seasonal market availability.  After shopping for supplies at the market, we will return to the kitchen in White Plains to prepare a lunch based on the items we bought.  (Note:  This class will start at 9am at the market and run until at least 1pm.  Participants will be responsible for their own transportation from the market to the kitchen.  Recipes will be provided to participants after the class via email since we will be building our menu based on market availability.) Offered by appointment on Saturdays (Larchmont Farmers’ Market – spring/summer/fall), Sundays (Mamaroneck Indoor Farmers’ Market – winter and Rye Farmers’ market – Spring/summer/fall), and Wednesdays (White Plains Farmers’ Market – spring/summer/fall.) $100 per person for group class; private sessions available

Choices for Change:  Adolescent girls are bombarded with lots of conflicting information about food choices and body image.  This class is geared towards helping girls in middle and high school to build healthy bodies and relationships with food, and to understand how the choices that they make today can affect their long term health and wellness.  We’ll talk frankly about our nutritional needs in relation to our development as women and discuss healthy and safe approaches to weight management and body image through a balanced diet.  Students will prepare a variety of breakfast, lunch and/or snack recipes, possibly including Vegetable and Cheese Frittatas, Lemon Garlic Hummus, Mediterranean Salad Wraps, Cheddar and Broccoli Stuffed Potatoes, and Tortellini Salad with Broccoli and Red Peppers. Group pricing available for community organizations

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