Make it! Mondays

Make it! Mondays

Our newest series of classes, Make it! Mondays is designed to help hone your everyday cooking skills and get healthy meals on the table with ease.  Geared towards those a bit more comfortable in the kitchen but also welcoming to novice cooks, our Make it! Monday classes will focus on some of the more specialized topics clients have requested and will emphasize menu planning, efficiency, nutrition, and great tasting recipes that can be put together for quick and easy weeknight meals.

Classes are offered on Monday mornings and evenings on a rotating schedule.  Each session will be taught at both time slots.  Daytime classes are 11 am to 1 pm and evening sessions are 6:30 to 8:30 pm.  See our calendar for more detatils.  $75 per person

Monday – Make it: Ahead — Got a crazy weekday schedule that has each member of the family going in different directions and limited time to prepare weeknight meals?  We’ve got you covered with easy, make ahead recipes to stock your fridge and freezer with healthy meals that are much better than take out.  We’ll discuss planning and preparation, freezing and reheating, and preportioning for flexibility.

Monday – Make it: Vegetarian — Are you are starting to observe a “Meatless Monday” or looking to expand your vegetarian repertoire?  We will talk about the components of a healthy vegetarian meal and how to ensure you get all the nutrients you need while preparing a variety of flavorful, accessible meatless meals. 

Monday – Make it: Fast — Even the most accomplished cook doesn’t always have time to whip up a gourmet meal every night.  Everyone needs an arsenal of fast, easy recipes that can make it from fridge to plate in less than 30 minutes and taste good, too.  We’ll prepare a few together and discuss tips, techniques, shortcuts and pantry staples that can help to get meals on the table faster.

Monday – Make it: Saucy — Plain grilled chicken, steamed vegetables, and baked fish are BORING!  Give them some pizzaz with simple, easy to make sauces and marinades based on pantry staples and incorporating healthy ingredients like nuts, healthy oils, beans, and more.

Monday – Make it: From Scratch — There is nothing wrong with using convenience ingredients from the store (as long as they are the healthier options) but we often get stuck in a rut of buying things that we can very easily make on our own. Hummus, salsa, salad dressings, nut butters, snakc bars, and fruit-flavored yogurts are among the items that can be made at home–creating a fresher, healthier product at a much lower cost.  We will discuss and prepare a nunber of these and other items, comparing them to major supermarket brands.

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