Custom Classes

Custom Classes

At Cook Learn Live, our goal is to make cooking wholesome, delicious food accessible and fun.  If you don’t see a class topic that you want, or are unable to attend a class on the scheduled date and time, please contact us directly to design and schedule a custom class for you or your group. Prices vary depending on class specifics.

  • Consider getting a group of friends together in our kitchen or yours for a private class/cocktail or dinner party based on local, seasonal products.

  • Schedule some one-on-one or small group time for the novice cook to work on basic cooking skills and build confidence in the kitchen, including knife skills and other basic techniques.

  • Sign up for a private family class where parents and kids work together to prepare new recipes and talk about the family’s food choices.

  • Plan a special program for a scout troop or group of teens or adults.

 Kids in the Kitchen:  Food is so much a part of who we are and how we interact with each other, and of course it is necessary to our survival.  It is never too early to teach kids about cooking and to expose them to different foods, tastes, cultures, and techniques.  Cooking is also a great tool to teach and reinforce math and science skills.  Custom classes can be presented for scout troops, after school programs, and parties for children ages 5 and up, and can focus on nutrition and healthy choices, cooking science, or cultural exploration.  Topics can include Homemade Pizza; Homemade Mozzarella Cheese; Pasta from Scratch; Sushi; Mediterranean Mezze (small dishes); Bread Basket (muffins, biscuits and popovers); Fruit Cobbler; Jam and Preserves; Delicious Dips with Homemade Chips; Smoothie Extravaganza; Mac and Cheese Makeover; Baked Fish Sticks and Fowl Fingers.

 Private Cooking Parties:  We’ll work together to plan a seasonally driven menu for an appetizer, dinner, or dessert party that features seasonal products and matching beverages, to be held in our kitchen or another location of your choice.  A great idea for celebrating a special birthday, a moms’ night out, corporate team building, or as a fundraiser for a charitable organization.  Classes can be hands-on or demonstrations, and can be based on one of our existing programs or customized to your interests.  Pricing varies based on menu, location, and class size.  Contact us directly to plan your event.

 Cooking 101:  Are you a new cook, or maybe someone who is ready to progress beyond grilled chicken breasts and steamed broccoli but finds a lot of recipes intimidating and filled with unfamiliar terms?  Let us help you to get over your fears and become more comfortable in the kitchen.  We will take some basic recipes for dishes you want to be able to make or some that I may recommend as examples of the skills you need to learn – and we’ll break them down to take the mystery out of cooking.  Contact us directly to develop your own customized program designed for individuals or small group who prefer not to join the monthly Back to  Basics classes. This program is also perfect for those who need to change how they cook to meet nutritional guidance from a doctor or dietitian but are not sure how to start.

A Peek in the Pantry:  Getting ready to change your eating habits or to learn how to cook?  Schedule a private check up to evaluate the health of your kitchen and pantry.  We’ll meet for one hour to go through your cabinets and shelves to see what your current baseline is, and then come up with suggestions to help you meet your food and cooking goals – including recommendations on selecting kitchen equipment, organizing cabinets and drawers for maximum ease of use, and suggestions for choosing and eliminating various food products.  Also available – follow up trips to your favorite local supermarket to identify better food choices, or to a cookware store to choose missing equipment.  $100/hr

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