Cook●Learn●Live: Cooking Education with an Eye Towards Nutrition

Welcome to Cook●Learn●Live! I’m Jenna Saidel Lebowich, a cooking teacher and nutrition educator. I believe that food should taste good and be good for you, and that with a little bit of knowledge anyone can make delicious, nutritious meals and healthier food choices for their families or themselves. My site and my practice are all about learning how to cook, exploring the foods we eat and where they come from, and knowing how to make informed nutritional decisions. Most of all, I love food and cooking and enjoy sharing meals, recipes, and information with others.

As this site develops I’ll be posting recipes, a calendar of cooking classes and information on scheduling private and small group sessions, information on nutrition and heathy eating from reliable sources, and some of my own thoughts and opinions.

Contact me at jslin3@optonline for more information about classes being offered this season or to schedule your own individual or group class.

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