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Better Living Through Chemistry? Sweet Science

Maybe I am a bit of a science geek, but I think that it is important to understand some of the research behind nutritional choices before we decide to eliminate products from our diets or those of our families.  Are … Continue reading

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Winter Break Classes for Kids – and Adults, too!

We never know what to expect with winter break.  Sometimes we schedule classes and no one is around to take them, but this year the opposite happened.  What we thought was going to be a quiet week is turning out … Continue reading

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Cook●Learn●Live: Cooking Education with an Eye Towards Nutrition

Welcome to Cook●Learn●Live! I’m Jenna Saidel Lebowich, a cooking teacher and nutrition educator. I believe that food should taste good and be good for you, and that with a little bit of knowledge anyone can make delicious, nutritious meals and … Continue reading

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