Thank you to all of the wonderful clients who have sent these rave reviews, referred their friends, and come back for second (and third!) helpings at Cook Learn Live.

“Thank you again for a great first class! I would definitely make the recipes again (so far I’ve only made the overnight oatmeal – love how easy it is!). I took pictures of all my leftovers and showed them to my friends.” — Amy

“Breakfast was a breeze today. Thank-you!  . . . I learned so much from you yesterday. The class was just what I was hoping for.”  — Patti

“[My brother] sent me an email immediately following the course with lovely photos of himself, [his girlfriend], you, and of course the food!  From his email I could tell he was thrilled and excited by the course and he wrote that he would continue on with the cooking and with “portion control”. . . Thank you for inspiring [him] and for sharing with him your insights into what food means and could give in terms of nutrition, health and pleasure.  I would not hesitate to recommend you to others” –Sharon

“Thank you so much for such a wonderful class yesterday! My family and I were blown away by how delicious the meals were that we made. Everything from start to finish was superb…the chicken, the fish, the grains, the vegetables two ways and the dessert…amazing! We are all so excited to continue cooking in a healthy way, using the techniques you taught us. My dad said, and I quote, “This was my best birthday present ever!” I’m beyond appreciative for the way you tailored the class to his dietary needs, for teaching my parents (and myself, my sister & husband) how to make healthy food actually taste good…AND not to mention, making the class fun for all of us. We are all walking away with an abundance of knowledge that we didn’t have before and look forward to applying our new skills. Thank you again for an extremely special and memorable day.” — Lauren

“Thank you again for another wonderful cooking class!  I always learn so much from you and the food we make is delicious.  My husband liked the kale salad, so I may have a convert!” — Rosey

“Thank you so much for a wonderful afternoon. We enjoyed your hospitality, recipes, and cooking tips. I really appreciate your willingness to accommodate our food preferences. . . Your cooking class was a big hit. You made me look good in my decision to have a cooking class to celebrate [my daughter’s] 30th birthday!” — Barry

“Thank you again for sharing your wonderful kitchen and knowledge with us!  We especially loved the Asian Stir Fry!!!!!  — Susan

“I know this is a little on the late side, but I just wanted to say thank you for the cooking class! I had a great time and really enjoyed it, so much so that I’ve shared the recipes with my friends and have made some of the recipes myself! It was great to be able to learn healthy recipes that were easy to make and store, which is definitely a plus for a student with little time to spare.  Once again, thank you!!” — Lura

“I have been so energized by our time together.  You seem to make learning so much fun.  I am so glad you have chosen this as your profession…you truly bring “Joy” to cooking!!!!  Thanks again,” — Joy

And here’s our five-star Yelp review by Sherry:

Jenna is wonderful! Working with her was such a treat!

My school sponsored a group of us to attend one of her cooking classes, and it was a fantastic experience.  The class was not only educational, it was a lot of fun, and definitely a great reprieve from my typical Sunday afternoons spent studying in front of a computer.

Jenna did a great job of overseeing the prepping and cooking of the four dishes we had on the menu for the night. I can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like to manage a kitchen full of amateur chefs (half of whom rarely cook at home)…but somehow she managed to do it with grace!

Jenna was extremely patient with and open to all of our questions as well. In particular, I thought she did a great job of incorporating the ‘why’ behind her answers to questions like: What ingredients do you always have on hand? How do you know which spices go well together? What goes into a vegetable stock?

I really appreciated how Jenna tailored the class specifically for a group of grad students, focusing on: increasing the nutritional value of our meals, saving time in the kitchen, and all the while cutting down on costs. Three things that I know I DEFINITELY need to do more of!

I walked away from the class with an arsenal of new cooking tips, a full belly (plus a few containers of leftovers), and a packet of recipes from the class. Three hours very, very well spent! Thanks for all of your cooking tips, Jenna!

For anyone interested in learning how to eat healthier or to be more effective in the kitchen, I would highly, highly recommend her classes!”

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